Since when is Symbioses being developed?

The original idea behind Symbioses was born in 2014 when the founders were analyzing the scalability issues of different blockchain implementations.

What problem does Symbioses solve?

Symbioses seeks to create the largest peer-to-peer network to monetize computing resources throughout the world, connecting non-interoperable networks utilizing its own off-chain protocol.

Why is it so important?

Overcoming current scalability issues of blockchains is a crucial challenge every blockchain-based project is facing. Symbioses’ approach in this sense is a key contribution to the further development of blockchains in general.

On the other hand, Symbioses is directly challenging the entrenched oligopoly currently dominating cloud computing, democratizing the space and ultimately delivering computing power to a wider public at a much more affordable price.

The product

How much time is left to have the product working?

Symbioses is a working product. The network is currently accessible by a selected group of users who are helping to reach the level of robustness and minimal infrastructure required for the network to go live.

What use cases does Symbioses have today?

The initial use cases Symbioses is focusing on are block mining, video rendering, neural-network training and scientific simulations.

Is Symbioses a protocol?

Yes. The core of the Symbioses Ecosystem is built around an off-chain protocol, called SYMIO.

How does the SYMIO Protocol works?

The main purpose of the SYMIO protocol is to distribute computing jobs across different nodes connected to the Symbioses network. Please refer to the white paper for an in-depth explanation of the SYMIO protocol.

What parts of my computer or device does Symbioses use?

The devices connected to the Symbioses network share their idle computing power. In order for it to be useful to deploy applications, some parts of the memory (e.g., for binaries and working data) and storage (e.g., scratch processing space) of the device are used as well.

Can I use my Mac computer with Symbioses?

Yes, you can connect your Mac to the Symbioses network, as well as desktops, laptops and servers running Linux or Windows.

The company

What is Symbioses’ legal entity and jurisdiction?

Symbioses S.A. (or A.G. according to the Swiss nomenclature in German) is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland. The company is an active member of the Crypto Valley Association and its regulations are governed by Swiss laws and FINMA.